Saturday, 20 January 2018

How are those resolutions going?

Today is well over half way through January. I am just checking in with how my resolutions are doing, and wondering how everyone else is doing in 2018? Did you set some resolutions, intentions, goals, a word for this year? Are you sticking with it? Or has it fallen by the wayside? It is January 20th, and I remember some statistic being said that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit. So if you are still sticking to your resolutions, we're at at the threshold of three weeks, so hopefully that means the good habits we we're trying to introduce are sticking.

Running and working the coach:

I just have to say I am LOVING working with a coach! I had wanted to do this for a few years, but hesitated spending the money on myself and was skeptical someone could work with me with my shift work, and I never really liked following a set plan etc. I was so wrong!  I thought I was a pretty self disciplined person, and didn't need more accountability. Again I was wrong.  My coach is really flexible, he looks at my schedule for work and how I did the week before with training before he gives me my next week of workouts. I love how much the training is individualized.  Also I found that I am working harder especially on quality days, because I know someone is looking at and analyzing my data.  It is also getting me out of my comfort zone, I tried training with a tire this week "fred" and can't wait to see how that type of training is going to help me with my climbing this year. This is one resolution that has been easy to stick to, I love getting my workouts on Sunday, and seeing what challenges I have for the week. For almost 10 years I have been making this up running training thing as I go along, it's really been a nice treat to myself to work with somebody that cares about my goals and is going to help me challenge myself.

Sober January!

I was really hesitating making this goal public, because I was truly worried I wouldn't make it past a few days. I am at 20 days now, and  I am surprised at how easy it has been. Last night was the first night I was craving a glass of wine after work. But  I fought the urge and made a cup of herbal tea, and gave myself a generous spoon of honey in it, and the craving went away. January was a good time to try this challenge, with the exception of running and work, I am in full on hibernation mode, there is minimal socializing going, so it makes it easier to avoid situations with alcohol. I feel great, I think my sleep is better, and I am consuming less calories at night. All big wins. Before this challenge I was listening to podcasts about women and alcohol, my favorite is HOME podcast.  Even if you're not into sobriety, these are two friends in there late 30's talking so honestly about sobriety, money, men, and life in general.  I am still reflecting about my relationship with alcohol and if/how I want it in my life.  I probably have more to say on the matter, but it is still percolating in my brain.  We are going to Colombia in 10 days, and I am sure I will have some drinks when I am down there celebrating carnival.  But taking this break, as made me reflect a bit on alcohol and my relationship to it, and question if/how it is going to be in my life moving forward.  I am going to take this resolution, as a big win. I was able to stick to it, and it wasn't has painful/awful as I thought.


I am only 20 days out of 365. But as I said in the beginning, I am really close to that 21 day mark, so hopefully this is becoming closer to a habit. I invested about $75 in the headspace app for the year. It is well worth it. I have used this app before and I love it. It is easy to use, down to earth, and they have meditations from 1 minute to 30 minutes.  They also have theme packs based on what you want to work on, like, creativity, anger, relationships, anxiety etc. I used to leave meditation as the last thing I'd do before work, but then my morning would get away from me, and sometimes I'd miss it. I changed my routine, and I do it before my shower now.  I haven't had to yet, but if I have a crazy morning, its on my phone, so I can do it anywhere, a parking lot, the breakroom at work etc. My longest streak previously was 75 days. So I know I need to be diligent about making this a priority. If anyone else is interested the other resources I found helpful were Dan Harris' 10 % happier Book and Podcast and I signed up for Sharon Salzberg meditation challenge in February (its free).


I am writing daily in my gratitude journal. I list three things every morning while eating breakfast.  I am currently on Day 60 of this habit, so I am hoping it sticks. It is a nice way to start the day. I am also writing in another daily blog. I bought Marianne Williamson " A year in miracles" . Each day is a new lesson based on the "Course in Miracles" . So every morning while I am eating breakfast, I read the lesson, and then write out my thoughts on the lesson. These two practices allow me to get about 20 minutes of writing in everyday. Otherwise, I have had lots of ideas floating around my head but I haven't really sat down to start writing them. Hoping I might be able to get some writing done when we go on vacation. Any other writers out there? What are your practices?


This again is the neglected resolution, the red headed step child of the group. Other than becoming obsessed with Jane the Virgin recently I have spent zero time on this resolution. We do leave in 10 days for Colombia, so I will have a 20 day immersion into the culture and be living with people whose English is equivalent with my Spanish, so I hope I learn something and maybe it will motivate me to make this a priority when I get home.

Most of these goals are yearlong pursuits, but I think I will throw one or two monthly challenges in there. So starting February fist my goal is to refrain from GOSSIP.  I think this will prove to be a harder challenge than it sounds (although lets be honest, I am giving myself a HUGE advantage being away in Colombia for 20 days where the language barrier will be advantage for this goal).

I'd love to hear how everyone else's 2018 is going. Also if you are struggling to stick with your goals check out 4 tendencies Quiz by Gretchen Rubin.  I've heard her recently interviewed on a few podcasts. She explains how different techniques work for different tendencies in terms of sticking to your goals.

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